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CSB-Automation AG

CSB Automation AG based in Kestenholz, Switzerland, is the automation specialist of the CSB group of companies. We begin where standard automation technology ends.

We are the creative problem solvers for complex automation solutions that we design and implement in collaboration with specialized manufacturers of conveyor, storage, and control systems. We see ourselves as an experienced system integrator combining the expertise from various fields for the benefit of our customers.

Our automation solutions optimize industrial processes to create sustained competitive advantages for our customers. “We automate your business”


We offer automation solutions from a single source: from automation consulting to automation solutions, PLC system control solutions and factory control software as well as industrial image processing solutions to automate your industrial processes.

Automation Consulting & Design

Our consulting experts support you in your ambitious automation projects.  The combination of three key attributes helps us to achieve this: 1. We are recognized industry experts 2. We have broad expertise in the automation of industrial processes 3. We are independent of manufacturers.


Taking a professional approach in the planning of automation projects, we will advance the success of your project:

  1. Record the as-is processes
  2. Analyze data
  3. Design and visualize the concept proposal
  4. Concretize the solution concept (workshop)
  5. Select components and vendors
  6. Simulate the plant (optional)
  7. Plan the implementation
  8. Support the implementation and the live run

Automation Products & Solutions

CSB-Automation AG has had long project experience in the design and implementation of automation solutions. This is our basis for developing innovative solutions in collaboration with customers and manufacturers, aiming to optimize your production and intralogistics processes. CSB combines field-proven standard modules in highly efficient, comprehensive systems.

Our line of products comprises innovative warehouse systems, flexible and fully automatic picking systems on limited space, as well as control systems of high-performance high-bay storage facilities. In addition to the integrated comprehensive systems, CSB-Automation offers customized solutions for automating individual business processes.
1. Industry Automation Sorting: Labeling, sorting and picking systems

2. Industry Automation Warehouse: Warehouse systems, for example high-bay storage facilities, crate storage facilities, shuttle warehouses, area gantry warehouses

3. Industry Automation Moving: Container handling systems, for example conveyor technology, stackers/destackers, elevators, washing technology, etc.

4. Industry Automation Robotics: Industrial robots, for example CSB Pick & Place Robot

Industrial Imaging Solutions

CSB-Vision supports your enterprise in analyzing raw materials and products with regard to their quality and optimal use by means of industrial image processing. For example, the CSB-Vision solutions have the capacity to identify up to 2000 products per hour. With an error tolerance of < 0.0001 percent, they are extremely reliable.

Utilized for recognition and monitoring in a great variety of processes, the CSB-Vision image processing solutions enhance the process security while reducing the costs. CSB-Vision can be used for many different applications:

  • CSB-Grading Systems 
  • CSB-Vision-Quality
  • CSB-Eyedentifier
  • Use optimization 
  • CSB-Image Documentation
  • CSB-Vision-Robotics

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